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Advanced Real-Time Bus Ticket Price Monitoring

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Customer Request

The primary objective was to design a solution that would facilitate the real-time collection of prices from bus carriers and bus ticket aggregators. This data was required to contain the specific characteristics set by the client.

Project Goal

Our goal was to establish a seamless and efficient system that tracked real-time prices of competitors.

Benefits of the solution

  • Access to Real-Time Competitive Pricing Data: 
Leveraging your data capabilities to extract pricing data from various sources, you gain direct access to real-time competitive pricing insights. This empowers your company to stay abreast of market fluctuations, enabling agile pricing strategies and informed decisions to uphold competitiveness within the bus travel.

  • Improved Decision-Making and Revenue Maximization: 
Access to comprehensive pricing data empowers your company to optimize their revenue management strategies. With accurate and timely insights, you can make data-driven decisions regarding pricing, promotions, and inventory management, ultimately leading to improved revenue streams and profitability.

  • Tailored and Competitive Pricing Strategies:
Your scraped pricing data allows your company to craft personalized and competitive pricing strategies, aligning with customer demand and market conditions. This level of customization can enhance customer satisfaction and market positioning, ultimately leading to increased bus tickets sales and customer loyalty.

Solution and Technologies


The solution is based on the request distribution from the main application which will trigger workflows on a certain schedule (initially once a week) to a multiregional spot instance fleet.

Further development will allow us to add extra bus ticket aggregators using the request confirmation module separately, and if it's necessary in parallel.
The results will be written to a file storage and then uploaded to the main application to adjust prices.

Conclusions on the Project

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The solution provided real-time insights into pricing variations among different competitors, granting our client a significant edge in the market. This analysis optimized their pricing strategy, potentially boosting their market share.

As a result, after using our price monitoring solution for just
4 months, the client experienced a significant

increase in
bus tickets

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