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Algo Trading Enhanced: Python Library Wrapper Streamlines Challenging API Data Retrieva

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Customer Request

The client required a more efficient method to retrieve data from a particular, yet inconvenient, API for their trading analysis.

Project Goal

Our objective was to design and implement a Python library, serving as a wrapper, to streamline the data retrieval process from the aforementioned API.

Challenges faced

  1. Addressing the inefficiencies of the original API without compromising data integrity.

  2. Designing a library that is both robust and user-friendly.

Solution and Technologies

We harnessed the power of Python and Rest API to create a user-friendly wrapper. This python library made the data extraction process more intuitive and efficient for the client.

Conclusions on the Project

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Through our efforts, the client can now efficiently extract the necessary trading data using our Python wrapper, which not only streamlines their data retrieval process but also aids their algorithmic trading operations.

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