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Revolutionizing Hotel Ratings: Advanced Dashboard Implementation for Enhanced Reputation Management


Customer Request

The client expressed the need for a comprehensive dashboard that would aggregate real-time ratings and reviews from various sources, providing insights into the performance of individual hotels and the chain as a whole, to enhance their reputation management and competitive positioning by leveraging real-time reviews.

Project Goal

Our mission was to craft an adaptable dashboard that not only gathers ratings but deeply analyzes review texts, compares hotels, and offers insights into customer preferences and areas of improvement.

Data Statistics

The system was designed to pull data from 10 different sources (Google Maps, TripAdvisor,, Facebook, etc.)


Our solution was a dynamic dashboard that stands out due to its customization capabilities. It can collate and compare data from multiple hotels, regions, or even rival establishments.

It's designed to sift through review texts, categorizing feedback based on keywords and parameters like «price», «staff», «cleanliness», and more.



Conclusions on the Project

example expedia.png

The introduction of the dashboard proved invaluable, serving as a pivotal tool in the hotel chain's quest to refine their reputation and service delivery. Our customer was able to fortify its strengths and promptly rectify areas of concern. The comprehensive insights obtained not only heightened their service quality but also gave them a competitive edge in the industry.

With the application of our solution, the client witnessed a commendable rise in their overall rating climbing

from 4.4 to 4.85

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