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Data Warehouse Revamp: 8x Faster Updates for DAO Contributor Insights at Near-Zero Cost

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Customer Request

The client, committed to scoring DAO contributors, faced mounting expenses due to repeated calls to third-party APIs. They sought to develop an external data warehouse to centralize and streamline information about contributors, ensuring convenient backend access.

Project Goal

Our mission was to transition from weekly data updates to daily updates, significantly enhancing the update speed and drastically cutting down operational costs.

Solution and Technologies

We utilized a combination of Python, Airflow, AWS Athena, dbt, AWS S3, and AWS Glue Data Studio to design and implement the desired data warehouse. This tech stack not only allowed us to accumulate and manage contributor data efficiently but also enabled swift and cost-effective updates.

Conclusions on the Project


A standout achievement of this project was the substantial cost-saving aspect; post the initial setup and migration, the cost of ownership became virtually negligible for the client.

Post-implementation, we successfully transitioned to daily data updates, accelerating the update process by a factor of 


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