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Data Science

Data science is the study of data to obtain important information for business Results help to find out exactly what and why happened in the process, why it happened, what will happen in the future. Which are very useful for achieving business goals.

DevHight services in the development of ML modules:

Consulting on ML models 

  • help in choosing the best model of the future machine learning algorithm for the customer's task

  • bilding an ML model - developing a machine learning model based on the collected data

Training a test ML model

  • collecting and analyzing validation data of the model and using it in training cycles to improve the accuracy of algorithms

  • model optimization - analysis of data collected at all stages (process input data, real-time information, future goals) to test the predictive capabilities of the trained ML model

Tuning and interference

  • improving prediction performance and testing the model under the influence of interference. That is, adjustment of the model in real conditions

  • development of APP based on ML - designing mobile and desktop applications with their subsequent support

The unique distinction of our team:

  • Many years of experience our engineers

  • Dozens of successful cases

  • Teamwork based on Agile project management principles

Data Science Case Studies


Database Reconstruction


Sentiment Analysis of Artists

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Automation of sports forecasts

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Automating data conversion and transfer

Кейс 8.png

Development of an ADP system

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